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E1 Leads the way in Korea's LPG industry LIFE ENERGY E1

E1 supplies premium LPG, the clean and sage energy for living. LIFE ENERGY E1

E1's transparent magagement delivers greater satisfaction to investors. LIFE ENERGY E1

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PR Video

E1 PR Video
Date Produced : 2015-03-16
Running Time : 4min 43sec
E1, a pioneer in bringing LPG to Korea,
Opening a new energy era...

The dedication towards our forthcoming generations
became the basis for clean energy, protecting the environment,

and the belief in becoming Korea’s power source
became the driving force of the national economy.

E1 has been at the forefront of Korea’s energy history,
and with the declaration of our new vision,
we rise to the challenge once again.

Energy leader, Life partner, E1.

E1’s energy surges beyond Korea, towards the world.

With the world’s first undersea cavern storage,
coupled with its strong partnerships,
E1 has supplied cost-efficient, eco-friendly energy for the nation,
leading the evolution for domestic LPG businesses.

From homes to roads, and beyond the work place,
we provide bar none quality and service with pride,
becoming Korea’s leading representative energy enterprise.

With subsidiaries and branches throughout Singapore, Dubai, London, and Houston,
we offer a total solution service for LPG,
from import and export to storage and sales;
in the world of global energy,
our presence is ever-growing.

While others merely talk of safety,
E1 prefers to show and lead by example.

30 years of accident-free operation, the first in the energy sector.
This is the pride of E1, made possible through extensive safety management system and action.

E1 promises a century of safety, beyond the 30 under our belt.

In hopes of becoming Korea’s leading zero-accident energy corporation,
E1 will relentlessly dedicate its efforts in entirety.

From customer satisfaction, to social contributions!
The energy E1 strives to share with the world is a feel-good energy.

Our services at E1 begins first by putting our customers
always ahead of ourselves.

E1, with its distinguished expertise in the LPG sector,
thinks of our customers wherever they may be,
making sure we give it our best.

Our contributions towards society’s healthful golden years
is a testament to our means in spreading happiness to everyone,
sharing the warmth of the human heart.

Through our many activities and facades,
E1 energizes the world from many unseen places.

E1 has branched beyond the LPG sector,
and into the branding business, as well as container terminals and logistics,
making the corporation truly diverse.

Adapting to the sensitive changes in market,
E1 has expanded both its domestic and overseas businesses,
all the while seeking future growth opportunities
and sustainable growth models to further present meaningful values for our customers.

E1 is more than ready to step out into the larger world,
and greet a new future.

As a true leader in global energy,
as an eco-conscious enterprise,
E1 is always ready to be a life partner for all.

Energy leader, Life partner E1