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LPG Underground Cavern Storage

inchoeon LPG underground cavern storage under the seaLPG can be stored above ground, in pressurized or refrigerated tanks, or underground, in rock mass, salt domes or aquifers. For large-scale storage, underground storage has many advantages in terms of economy and safety.

Fortunately in Korea, the geology is suitable for underground rock cavern storage. Since the construction of our Yeosu Terminal in 1983, the first underground cavern storage in Korea, other LPG import terminals in Korea have been of this type.

The critical point in storing LPG in rock mass is preventing leakage. In the rock mass that forms an underground cavern, there are innumerable fissures saturated with water that forms a constant water table. In order for the water pressure in the surrounding rock to be greater than the pressure of the gas, and thus prevent the gas from escaping, the cavern must be located 120 meters or more below sea level. Furthermore, the site must be located near the sea or large lakes, so that the underground water level remains stable.

Deep underground, rock temperature is constant, at about 15℃. Since the pressure of LPG in the underground storage (7 atmospheric pressure) remains lower than the hydrostatic pressure formed by the water table (12 atmospheric pressure), it is possible to prevent leakage as the hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding rocks is higher than the pressure of LPG stored in the underground cavern.

Advantages of Underground Rock Cavern Storage

  • Safe from a fire, war, earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Efficient land utilization
  • For large-scale storage, investment and maintenance costs are lower than above-ground tanks
Schematic Diagram of The Underground LPG Cavern Storage

Yeosu LPG Underground Cavern Storage

  1. Schematic Diagram of
  2. Ground Plan of the LPG Underground Cavern Storage
  3. Cross-sectional view of the LPG Underground Cavern Storage
  1. Beginning of the excavation work after the initial blasting
  2. Construction entrance to the tunnel(Musk transportation)‏
  3. Underground rock cavern storage
  4. Entrance tunnel
  5. Rock bolting

Incheon LPG Underground Cavern Storage

  1. Schematic Diagram of the LPG Underground Cavern Storage
  2. Ground Plan of the LPG Underground Cavern Storage
  3. Cross-Sectional view of the LPG Underground Cavern Storage(Propane and Butane)‏

Construction of the Incheon LPG Underground Cavern Storage

  1. Car lift for the entrance and exit to the underground cavern storage
  2. Underground rock cavern storage
  3. Entrance tunnel
  4. Rock bolting