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E1 Leads the way in Korea's LPG industry LIFE ENERGY E1

E1 supplies premium LPG, the clean and sage energy for living. LIFE ENERGY E1

E1's transparent magagement delivers greater satisfaction to investors. LIFE ENERGY E1

Latest news from E1 LIFE ENERGY E1

All about LPG from import to storage! LIFE ENERGY E1

Good to Nature! True to Customers! LIFE ENERGY E1

E1 Overview

E1, the Specialized Name in LPG Supply in Korea

E1 has been leading Korea into the era of eco-friendly energy by implementing the country's first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import business. To date, we have grown as Korea's number one environmentally friendly energy company covering over 50% of the LPG import demand across the country.

E1 has been deploying a total LPG business that embraces the entire distribution channel starting in oil and gas producing countries, and ending with the consumers. We are exporting LPG through international trade, and actively promoting new businesses through the development of overseas gas fields, entry to logistics business and acquisition of Kukje Corporation.