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CEO Message

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Since the inception of our business in 1984 as the first LPG importer in Korea, we have specialized in supplying pollution-free LPG. Over the past two decades, we have helped vitalize Korean industries and quality of life. Today, we stand matchless in the domestic sector.

In 2004, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our foundation and mark the first year of beingan independent entity after spin off from the LG Group. At this juncture, we have chosen a significant transformation, starting with a newcorporate identity, from LG-Caltex Gas to E1. This new makeover calls not only for company-wide restructuring but also for preserving nature and providing the best customer services possible through clean energy sources.

Currently, we have set our sights globally to become a “Leader of World LPG Industry.” To this end we are putting substantial efforts into sharpening our competitive edge and exploring broader overseas markets. Creating greater LPG demand and new business models is recognized as necessary to further secure profitable resources and create sustainable growth into the long-term future.

At E1, pollution-free energy supply and accident-free practices in all workplaces rely on coordination between labor and management that has been steadfast without compromise since the foundation. We will expand the number of refueling stations nationwide to provide refined services that can touch customers heart-to-heart. We expect our LPG business to stay on track. Moreover, our all-new transformation inspires us to meet the challenges that lay ahead. With the vision of becoming a Leader of World LPG Industry, we will do our best to seize and capitalize on opportunities, whatever the business climate. We pledge to protect the green world with clean energy sources. As your attention and care have made us what we are today, we look forward to your continued support as we strive to be an “Energy First” company.

Vice Chairman & CEO