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Import & Export of LPG

E1 Corporation has always been a leader in the Korean LPG industry. The Company strives to create values for customers through Its continuous efforts to lower prices by taking various measures to reduce cost. We are also building a solid reputation in the world LPG market by Aggressively expanding our LPG export.


As one of the most experienced importer, E1 Corporation is becoming a leading player in global LPG market. E1 has been stably supplying top-quality LPG with low prices to the Korean market. E1 imports most of its LPG by VLGCs (Very Large Gas Carriers; about 44,000 MT cargo capacity) largely on a long-term contract basis with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, other oil-producing countries in the Middle East, and Malaysia, Australia, etc. E1 will do our best to secure stable LPG supply for the better life of Korean customers as well as more profits of our partners.


E1 has been active in international LPG trade and expediting overseas sales. This has resulted in the Company becoming a reputed LPG supplier in Asian regions. Since 1985 when it first introduced LPG to the domestic market, E1 started exporting LPG and its export volume has been steadily expanded. Recognition for this growth came in the export trophies the Company received for 100 million dollars in 2000. This achievement resulted from E1’s steady endeavor to secure a business network on a persistent basis while expanding new business connections in Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan, based on its rich experience in international trade. Annually, the company exports over 4.9 million tons of LPG to Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and some other foreign countries through various means of trade.

These means include “direct export” through which E1 exports imported LPG to other countries, and “transit export of pressurized LPG and refrigerated LPG” through which the company exports LPG it purchased overseas to third countries. Based on our years of experience as a large-scale LPG distributor, we were selected to provide gas trial services to the Yeosu Terminal for newly-constructed LPG carrier ships. Since 1997 we have conducted trial runs for over 180 new vessels. Operating excellent wharf facilities for carriers ranging from small pressurized ships to large LPG ocean carriers, and benefiting from our close working relationship with Korea’s world-leading shipbuilders, E1 has been able to satisfy all trial run needs. Currently, the expansion of overseas sales depots and markets is in full swing, with the aim of realizing the vision, a global LPG supplier.