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LPG Business


Stable Supply of Top-Quality LPG

We have been stably supplying top-quality LPG with low prices to the Korean market. E1 imports most of its LPG largely on a long-term contract basis with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Professionals at E1 handle unexpected twists and turns in domestic and international markets.

Price competitiveness is secured through spot purchase and swap transactions with international LPG dealers. Price influential factors are anticipated by garnering up-to-the-moment information on international prices, economic tendencies, and political and social issues worldwide. At the same time, collaboration with reputed international LPG dealers of Japan and Europe has boosted international trading and information exchanges.

Export / trade

To Become a Global LPG Supplier

E1 has been active in international LPG trade and expediting overseas sales. This has resulted in the Company becoming a reputed LPG supplier in Asian regions. Since 1985 when it first introduced LPG to the domestic market, E1 started exporting LPG and its export volume has been steadily expanded. Recognition for this growth came in the export trophies the Company received for 100 million dollars in 2000.

This achievement resulted from E1’s steady endeavor to secure a business network on a persistent basis while expanding new business connections in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan, based on its rich experience in international trade. Annually, the company exports over 4.9 million tons of LPG to China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and some other foreign countries through various means of trade. These means include “direct export” through which E1 exports imported LPG to other countries, and “ transit export of pressurized LPG and refrigerated LPG” through which the company exports LPG it purchased overseas to third countries.

Based on our years of experience as a large-scale LPG distributor, we were selected to provide gas trial services to the Yeosu Terminal for newly-constructed LPG carrier ships. Since 1997 we have conducted trial runs for over 180 new vessels. Operating excellent wharf facilities for carriers ranging from small pressurized ships to large LPG ocean carriers, and benefiting from our close working relationship with Korea’s world-leading shipbuilders, E1 has been able to satisfy all trial run needs. Currently, the expansion of overseas sales depots and markets is in full swing, with the aim of realizing the vision, a global LPG supplier.


The Safest Storage Methods in the Industry

E1 transports LPG from oil-producing countries by deep sea refrigerator ships. The Company then stores the LPG at two places in Korea, Yeosu Terminal(Asia's first underground storage cavern)Incheon Terminal(the world’s first undersea storage cave) and Daesan Terminal. The terminals store and manage LPG under stringent safety conditions that have been recognized by Korea's Ministry of Labor for 33 years of accident-free operation.

These terminals are equipped with both sea and land loading/unloading facilities and are operated at a relatively low cost in terms of operation and maintenance. E1's effective LPG storage will continue to enable a stable supply of LPG to the domestic market and enlarge its foundation for expanding export markets and exploring new markets.


Intricate Supply and Sales Channels

E1 has a nationwide distribution and sales network. The Company supplies LPG in a stable manner through diverse methods and routes. Our 368 autogas stations (as of the end of December 2016) fuel LPG vehicles, while refueling stations and retailers supply bottled LPG to residences and commercial establishments.

For groups of large numbers of consumers, such as those in apartment complexes, the Company installs bulk tanks and supplies LPG on a bulk sales basis. For the stable supply of LPG to petrochemical plants, LPG is supplied through direct pipelines. Specialists at E1's Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Wonju branches offer one-on-one consulting services to startup retailers. E1 keeps expanding a network of supply locations so customers have access to LPG anytime and anywhere as needed.


Clean and Safe Services Anytime, Anywhere

E1 believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Based on this principle, the company has focused on service improvement and safety management from the customer's perspective. As of April 1, 2009, E1 launched E1 Orange Card, a LPG-driver membership card for the first time in Korea. It was designed to provide customers with specified services depending on customer demands and product specialties. The E1 Orange Card offers customers differentiated services that are designed in consideration of both refueling stations and the customers who prefer LPG vehicles. In addition to our broad partnership with other companies, the E1 Orange Card also provides tailored insurance services as well as minor maintenance services for LPG-drivers. In 2011, E1 made continued efforts to strengthen the Orange Card services. These efforts include the distribution of an application for smart phones and expansion of partnered services.

Also, the Customer Service (CS) project which was started in 2000 for service quality improvement of the entire company, is distributing exclusive specialized services to franchised refueling stations. The company established the CS Manual, a guideline of standardized services of E1, to provide customer service standards and best practices. Additionally, we have intensified the training rotation of our service training team from the head office. Through these efforts, the company is realizing the value of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our service quality. All year round, we run an outside service monitoring system and safety monitoring service at our refueling stations to provide a comprehensive service quality management system that covers our present service standards to implementation of support and management review. E1 will continue to focus on customer service improvement and safety management enhancement so that the company can offer customers the best possible service anytime.